Welcome to our AGRI-SEARCH Newsletter!
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Welcome to our AGRI-SEARCH Newsletter!
"So, then, be careful how you live.  Do not be unwise but wise, making the best use of your time because the times are evil. Therefore, do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is."
Ephesians 5:15-17

The Dash

A poem by Linda Ellis known as "The Dash" challenges us with what we do with that unknown amount of time we have from our birth until our last breath. 

This past week, our community has struggled to deal with the sudden death of a young man as the result of a tragic automobile accident.  Full of energy and life, respectful, athletic, and at 20 years old impacting the world around him for so much good, he was suddenly called from this life.

Over the course of our lives, most of us have likely been impacted by events similar to this.  For surviving family, friends, and even distant acquaintances, these heartbreaking tragedies serve as a vivid reminder for us to evaluate how we are spending our time.  We begin to realize more clearly that when our dash has an ending date and God calls us home, the amount of possessions we have become quite irrelevant.  We begin to understand it is the relationships we have with other people and with God that truly matter.

With family and friends, this may be easier to see.  But you may be

Dave Allen
President, AGRI-SEARCH

wondering just what impact on our dash can we have at work.  The answer is a lot, either positively or negatively.  Are you respectful to the newest team member or the person who has the dirtiest job in the company?  As a leader, are you leading by example and with integrity and have a heart that cares for those you manage?  Do you have a kind word for co-workers and customers even when things aren’t going so well?  With your peers, do you care about their wellbeing and success, or are you obsessed with only seeking self-gain and amplifying your own position?

Life is short; our remaining time for positive impact in our sphere of influence is reduced with each passing day.  Time is our currency, and we can never spend it twice.  We are not guaranteed tomorrow, and we do not know if we will see a family member, friend, or co-worker again.  So, take heed and perhaps take action.  Why not memorize this quote from the final verse of "The Dash" by Linda Ellis?  'So when your eulogy is being read with your life’s actions to rehash, would you be proud of the things they say about how you spent your dash?"

For additional insight into making the most of your life, see "What Are You Doing with Your Dash?" elsewhere in this newsletter.


Current Open Career Opportunities

At AGRI-SEARCH, our staff is committed to bringing top-tier talent to our clients. Open positions change daily, but the need for quality people is constant in every successful business.

Highlighted below are some of our current open positions we are assisting our clients with. If interested in having us assist you in landing talent for one of your positions, or if one of these opportunities looks attractive to you or someone you know, please contact us.
  • Large agronomy cooperative in northeast Indiana is seeking a Sales Manager for their Agronomy Division. This is a unique role in that are no direct reports associated with the job. The primary responsibilities are more behind the scenes developing and implementing sales plans for front line salespeople and sales programs for farmer customers. You will also be responsible for representing the company at functions, create promotional materials, corporate communications, and mailings, and working very closely with staff.  The preferred candidate will be someone who can understand financial reports and provide analysis.

6240 Feed Company General Manager / CEO - Kansas
  • Historically successful and profitable multi-location Kansas feed company is seeking a General Manager / CEO to expand upon the strong foundation already in place and help build and carry out the vision for the future.

  • Highly successful, financially sound and growth-oriented Southeastern Missouri agricultural company is seeking an experienced Senior Accounting Leader / CFO.  Strong accounting and leadership experience are key for this position; an understanding of grain accounting is also required.

3905 Marketing Manager - Missouri
  • An innovative agronomy company located in the Midwest is seeking a Marketing Manager. As the Marketing Manager, you will be a valued member of a growing company that is leaving its mark in the agronomic industry.

4110 VP of Agriculture Asset Management - United States
  • An industry-leading institutional investment managing company is seeking an entrepreneurial-minded VP of Agriculture Asset Management. This is an excellent opportunity to join a financially solid company with an exceptional track record for success. This position will be a part of the management team with its offices located in one of the most desirable cities to live within the United States. Salary is based on experience and will likely range between $150,000 and $180,000+ with a generous bonus and retirement program as part of a full benefits package.
1258 Equipment Sales - Ag and Lawn and Garden - Central Illinois
  • Full-service equipment dealership is seeking a salesperson to sell agricultural, lawn and garden, and material handling equipment. You must communicate well and have a professional appearance. You'll need to have familiarity with the territory and have the ability to be a part of a team yet work by yourself. This is a role that will require you to begin and end your day at the dealership and work one-half Saturday occasionally. The job will require you to work closely with the parts and service departments, plus understand buying cycles and financing options.

1255 Territory Sales Representative - Midwestern United States
  • National agriculture company is seeking a highly driven Territory Sales Manager for the western Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, and Dakotas region. The company is seeking an active networker who is passionate about precision agriculture and who wants to be at the pioneering edge of a new industry. If you are collaborative, sales-driven, and can close deals then this could be the company for you.

5780 Ag Cooperative General Manager - Ohio
  • Well established and financially strong Ohio agricultural cooperative is seeking a new General Manager to lead their company.

  • A well-established and successful grain company is seeking a Grain Originator at one of their fast-paced Indiana grain facilities. The selected candidate will assist in the strategy and execution of grain purchasing and merchandising activities. This location is a tight-knit group that works hard but has a lot of fun!

5770 Grain Facility General Manager - Eastern US
  • Grain handling facility in the eastern United States is seeking a hands-on General Manager to oversee all operations at this grain-in, grain-out facility. Open Monday through Friday, it has a very nice, stable and consistent business.

Featured Team Member: Jodi Wortham

There are so many reasons why summer is my favorite season of the year: warm weather, spending more time with family, and of course our annual beach trip. The ocean view, palm trees and sandy beaches create the most blissful atmosphere of which I can think.

I am never one to complain about the heat, I enjoy it. I especially like the long days, spending afternoons in the pool, cooking on the grill, and evenings on the porch with family or friends just relaxing and talking.
However, the best part is spending more time outside with my granddaughter. She has limitless energy and loves to swing, have races, or play tag. This is good exercise for us both.

The options are endless when the weather is beautiful with the sun out, not a cloud in the sky and a slight cool breeze. This time of year, you will find me spending all my free time outdoors.

Be sure to take some time for you and your family this summer and enjoy the blessings that surround you!


What Are You Doing with Your Dash?

Alton Maiden played Defensive Tackle for The University of Notre Dame under legendary Coach Lou Holtz. In late October 1996, the Fighting Irish arrived in Dublin, Ireland to prepare for the first-ever Shamrock Classic – a November 2 football game between Notre Dame and the United States Naval Academy.

During their time in Ireland, the team was able to do some sightseeing. One of their stops was a 12th century cemetery. Coach Holtz said, “All we saw were dilapidated walls and huge tombstones.”

Holtz would soon learn that Maiden saw something very different. Maiden was so moved by the cemetery experience that he sat down in the midst of those dilapidated walls and huge tombstones and wrote a poem called “The Dash.”


Connecting Quality People to
Quality Companies is Our Passion

Our job as professional recruiters is to identify, attract, evaluate, and help our clients land top talent for their team.   We are constantly working with quality individuals who are positioned for growth in their career and are open to or actively seeking to make a change.

If your team is seeking talent to make a positive difference in your ability to serve your customers, reach out to us and see if it is something we can assist you with.

Talented Candidates

Listed below are just a sampling of the talented candidates we have evaluated recently. If you would like to learn more about these or other candidates we have available, please contact us.
GM’s and CEO’s – contact us about finding the right leader capable of taking your agricultural business to the next level.
Business Development Professional who is creative and high energy and has experience in the seed industry. Currently in Western Indiana and will relocate anywhere.
Seed Agronomist / Sales Management with 20 years-experience based in central IL, has MS / BS in Crop Sciences, and will relocate.
Grain Merchandisers, Originators and Traders who are diversely talented, passionate and looking for new challenges. Some desire to work remotely.

Growing our Team with
People Who Have Grit and Passion


Do you have the grit to not give up and stay true to the course, no matter how difficult it may be? Are you competitive and possess a strong sales mentality where every “no” is just one step closer to a “yes”?

If so, and you have a passion for connecting with and helping people, plus a strong agricultural industry background in agronomy, grain, or other areas, please contact Dave Allen. We would enjoy having a discussion with you about how a recruiting career may be a great fit for you.


Founded in 1995, AGRI-SEARCH is a professional recruiting firm providing clients with customized recruiting solutions in various niches within the agricultural industry. Our success results from our industry focus, our specialized approach to recruiting, and our staff's lifelong roots in, dedication to, and vast understanding and knowledge of the agricultural industry.

At AGRI-SEARCH, our mission states that we “are committed to serving the agricultural industry with integrity, passion and excellence by assisting our candidates to reach their career goals and helping our client companies build successful teams.” | 217-543-2505

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