The Treasure of True Grit
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"Not only that, but we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope…" Romans 5:3-4
Toughness vs. Talent

As a high school senior, our Windsor High School basketball team was not the most talented. We fought hard but often fell short, finishing the season 10-14.  The highlight of the year was a test of our toughness.  We were playing Teutopolis, the best team in the conference with an all-state 6’6 guard and other talented, and big, players.  Our coach challenged us.  He said, “We know they have more natural talent. Are you tough enough to compete with them?"

We went out that night, played hard, and nearly missed a major upset, losing 46-45.  It was the highlight of my sports career and the game I remember best…a loss. Our toughness and tenacity as a team nearly beat a team that was far better than we were on any given night. Now, 40+ years later, I am still motivated by the lessons learned that night.

We must never give up.  Life often presents us situations with overwhelming odds. Will we run, or will we attack them with an unrelenting tenacity?  If you grew up on a farm, you may remember

Dave Allen
President, AGRI-SEARCH

cultivating corn with a four, six or eight row cultivator at a slow speed. Eighty acres at 2-3 miles per hour would take forever.  But it builds perseverance.  You know you have to finish the field; no one is in the bullpen.  It’s just you, and you can’t quit or get off the row and destroy rows of corn or someone will not be happy.  So, you persevere and complete the field.

No matter our age or background, the need for toughness, tenacity, and the grit to stay with a difficult task to reach a goal or be successful is always there.  Many don’t have it.  It is easy to give up.  The commitment to stay the course, finish the race, and see a project or goal through to completion is all too rare, but the taste of doing so has never been sweeter.

Are you facing issues in your business finding people who will stick with you, who will overcome the challenges and difficulties their job presents and stay long enough to taste victory, whatever that looks like?  If so, read, “The Treasure of True Grit”
elsewhere in this newsletter.  You will be encouraged by some interesting insight and a list of questions you can ask to help identify characteristics you will want on your team.


Current Open Career Opportunities

At AGRI-SEARCH, our staff is committed to bringing top-tier talent to our clients. Open positions change daily, but the need for quality people is constant in every successful business.

Highlighted below are some of our current open positions we are assisting our clients with. If interested in having us assist you in landing talent for one of your positions, or if one of these opportunities looks attractive to you or someone you know, please contact us.
  • Highly successful family and employee-owned Illinois grain processing company is seeking a Vice President of Grain Supply to replace their retiring VP. With over 140 years in the industry, this multi-location company has invested steadily in their facilities and people and is set for continued growth and success

4118 Senior Tax Manager / Tax Partner - Little Rock, AR
  • One of the country’s leading full-service accounting firms that has served the agribusiness and real estate investment industries for over four decades, is seeking the best of the best to assume the role of Senior Tax Manager / Partner.  The successful candidate will step into the current practice of one of the industry’s top veterans in real estate tax advising, who has just recently retired.  Having the foundation of a well-established book of business in addition to a support team of over 250 associates, you will be positioned for unlimited growth opportunities.

5805 Regional Operations Manager - Central Illinois
  • Successful Central Illinois grain company is seeking a Regional Grain Operations Manager to oversee multiple elevator locations, including a hub facility that is growing with the industry. The main facility loads shuttles and has a very favorable loading time agreement.  This is an excellent opportunity to step right into a growth facility with a quality company and make a positive impact. Most of the upper management team is approaching retirement and there is significant career growth potential with the company.

4116 Ag Processing Company CFO - Wisconsin
  • Successful and expanding agricultural processing company is seeking a top-notch CFO to strengthen and bring additional talents and structure to their leadership team.  This individual will have a strong accounting and finance background and will assist and challenge the board and CEO as they continue to explore and carry out key growth initiatives.

3930 Research Associate - Central Indiana
  • This is a hands-on role. You will be in the field conducting research on soybeans. The work will consist of hand pollination, crossing plants, making observations, taking notes, threshing, cleaning, and packaging with other duties assigned when needed. The culture of the company is tight knit, easygoing, and flexible with individuals who are passionate about growing plants and understanding the science of plants. Be someone who can go with the flow, and you'll fit in just fine.

4112 Account Executive - Cattle Team - Chicago, IL
  • Highly successful Midwest-based agricultural hedging and consulting firm, an industry-leading and rapidly growing commodity futures brokerage and hedge advisory group, is seeking an Account Executive to work in the firm’s Chicago office within the Cattle Team.  The client is seeking a self-motivated, entrepreneurial, problem solver to join one of their fastest-growing client service teams. This is a high-bred position that will not only be engaged with clients on the futures and options trading side of the business, but you will also be the lead person to provide oversight and compliance for all existing clients who are engaged with the company for their livestock revenue insurance product. Agriculture insurance experience is not required, but it would be a huge plus. You must be someone with a high level of attention to detail.

5811 Grain Operations Superintendent - Northwestern Illinois
  • Successful Illinois grain company seeks a team-oriented Outside Grain Operations Superintendent who will oversee all outside operations at a busy truck facility with nearly five million bushels of storage. You will work on a variety of projects regarding grain quality and movement, maintenance and repairs, and anything dealing with grain drying, storage and handling.

4119 Fractional Controller - Remote
  • A leading Financial Services firm specializing in the Agribusiness Industry is seeking a full-time Fractional Controller. In this role, you will serve clients who need professional support on a limited basis and may not need a full-time Controller. Client engagements may range from conducting special project work to serving as a permanent part-time Controller.

5777 Operations Manager - Nationwide
  • Highly successful grain company is seeking Operations Managers at several locations Nationwide. The right candidate will have experience in grain facility management or a similar industry. Experience should include managing employees and solid mechanical knowledge. You will also be responsible for blending, inventory, minor projects, and safety. The successful candidate should be a self-starter and highly motivated.

3926 Location Manager - Central Illinois

6207 International Grain & Feed Ingredient Trader - Southeast US
  • An international agriculture trading company is seeking a Trader for their Southeastern US-based business. This is a great opportunity for someone with 3-7 years or more of trading grains and feeds ingredient exposure or an experienced trader. Experience in trading Corn Gluten Mean, Baker Meal, DDGS, and other protein products will be valuable. You will be mentored by a high-performing international trader, with the opportunity to establish your own desk and book of business.  The primary markets for trading will be Asia and South America. There could be a position open for both regions of the country.

5303 Superintendent - Central Illinois
  • Thriving Central Illinois grain company is seeking a Grain Elevator Superintendent to run their highly automated truck grain elevator. The successful candidate will be a solid, hands-on leader who is willing to learn and take on additional challenges, think through problems and do things on their own, do what it takes to get the job done and work right alongside the crew as needed. If you desire to work for a stable, family-friendly company with ample growth opportunities, this may be a perfect opportunity for you.

Featured Team Member: Bob Pike

Bob is busy this week with a new granddaughter being born, not to mention his youngest daughter graduating high school and then promptly packing and leaving for Nepal on a six-week mission trip.  Add on that he and his wife have been packing a house full of furniture and memories and moving closer to their children, and of course, he continues taking care of some great clients and candidates who are leaning on him for support and assistance in connecting great companies with great people.

Since Bob is not around to write his story, we’ll just tell everyone how much we appreciate him and what he brings to the AGRI-SEARCH team. He is a relentless worker with a sharp business mind who sees through the cloudiness and gets to what is important.  Perhaps most importantly, he is a man with a big heart who loves the Lord and cares deeply for his family, friends, clients, and the candidates he serves.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Bob. He’ll probably have a story to tell based on the experiences of the recent few days and weeks.  In fact, as we write this, he is preparing to go hold his new granddaughter for the very first time!

Bob meeting his granddaughter
for the first time.

The Treasure of True Grit

"Tell me about a time when you failed, and what you learned from that experience."

Think of the most successful employees you’ve ever worked with, or the individuals you’ve mentored who excelled the most, or the leaders you’ve studied who seem to achieve every goal they set for themselves. Undoubtedly, a common thread between all will be that those individuals have the strength to learn why they failed, what to do in the future to succeed, and the willpower to get back on the horse and try again.

But exactly what is it that leads one person to try again when others just give up?

Industrial and organizational psychologists have spent decades researching this very subject. Angela Duckworth, assistant professor at the University of Pennsylvania, and her research focuses on a personality trait she calls "grit." She defines grit as "sticking with things over the very long term until you master them." She writes that, “the gritty individual approaches achievement as a marathon; his or her advantage is stamina."

Connecting Quality People to
Quality Companies is Our Passion

Our job as professional recruiters is to identify, attract, evaluate, and help our clients land top talent for their team.   We are constantly working with quality individuals who are positioned for growth in their career and are open to or actively seeking to make a change.

If your team is seeking talent to make a positive difference in your ability to serve your customers, reach out to us and see if it is something we can assist you with.

Talented Candidates

Listed below are just a sampling of the talented candidates we have evaluated recently. If you would like to learn more about these or other candidates we have available, please contact us.
GM’s and CEO’s – contact us about finding the right leader capable of taking your agricultural business to the next level.
Grain Merchandisers, Originators and Traders who are diversely talented, passionate and looking for new challenges. Some desire to work remotely.
Corn and Soybean Senior Breeding Assistant has two MS degrees from the University of Illinois with an emphasis in corn and soybean breeding and genetics.  The candidate has experience in many crops and works well in the lab, greenhouse, and nursery.  The candidate is open to live and work in any geography.
Versatile territory sales candidate with broad experiences in chemistry, fertilizer, and seed. Hands on experience in row crops, vegetables, and fruits.  Prefers to live in the southeastern US.

Growing our Team with
People Who Have Grit and Passion


Do you have the grit to not give up and stay true to the course, no matter how difficult it may be? Are you competitive and possess a strong sales mentality where every “no” is just one step closer to a “yes”?

If so, and you have a passion for connecting with and helping people, plus a strong agricultural industry background in agronomy, grain, or other areas, please contact Dave Allen. We would enjoy having a discussion with you about how a recruiting career may be a great fit for you.


Founded in 1995, AGRI-SEARCH is a professional recruiting firm providing clients with customized recruiting solutions in various niches within the agricultural industry. Our success results from our industry focus, our specialized approach to recruiting, and our staff's lifelong roots in, dedication to, and vast understanding and knowledge of the agricultural industry.

At AGRI-SEARCH, our mission states that we “are committed to serving the agricultural industry with integrity, passion and excellence by assisting our candidates to reach their career goals and helping our client companies build successful teams.” | 217-543-2505

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