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"Even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast."
Psalm 139:10

Safety - A Key Building Block
to a Good Culture


Our mission at AGRI-SEARCH is to help good businesses attract good people.  But like worrying so much about planning the wedding that you don’t prepare well for a successful marriage, hiring great people can be for naught if you don’t cultivate a culture that encourages those great people to stay.

One often overlooked feature of a quality culture is safety. Safety matters.  Protecting your team, no matter what area of agriculture you serve, is vital.  Team members and their families want to know that everything is being done to make sure they go home safely each night.

Agricultural occupations typically fall within the Top 10 of the most dangerous US occupations. We know there are inherent dangers in agriculture, so we must take precautions and teach our teams what they need to know to stay safe.  Good habits are key and must be taught, reinforced, and rewarded. Self-responsibility is also critical; ultimately, we are each responsible for our own safety.

Dave Allen
President, AGRI-SEARCH

It is scary some of the things we have heard over the years from people who are seeking a new career opportunity when safety is one of their driving concerns for why they want to make a change.  What about the safety culture at your company?  What would people say if we were to talk to them today?  Is your safety culture sound and does everyone at your company know that their personal safety is a priority?  Does safety remain sound even when the busy season hits?  

Harvest is coming, and we all know it can be taxing on our team members. The danger risk increases, and many of us know firsthand about accidents that have happened during this busy time of year.  Physical exhaustion, mental fatigue, and emotional drain can all impact the safety of our team members.  Be proactive.  Ask people what can be done to make their jobs safer.  Listen to suggestions.  Watch for fatigue in your peers and figure out ways to get them rest.  Create a Safety Committee that gathers and implements ideas year-round that make your company safer and a more attractive place to work, even during the busiest of seasons.

Please learn more on Safety’s impact on the workplace by reading
“What Is Your Safety Story?”
found elsewhere in our newsletter.


Current Open Career Opportunities

At AGRI-SEARCH, our staff is committed to bringing top-tier talent to our clients. Open positions change daily, but the need for quality people is constant in every successful business.

Highlighted below are some of our current open positions we are assisting our clients with. If interested in having us assist you in landing talent for one of your positions, or if one of these opportunities looks attractive to you or someone you know, please contact us.
3839 Assistant Manager - Central Illinois

  • High-volume and fast paced agronomy retail plant has an opening for an Assistant Manager to be a "jack-of-all-trades" for a facility in Central Illinois. The company has become the "go-to plant" in the area because of the dedication of the ownership, location manager, and operational team.

5716 Grain Operations Superintendent - Central Illinois

  • Successful Illinois grain company seeks a driven and dedicated grain operations professional to oversee the outside operations at a key grain elevator facility. Excellent growth opportunity for a hands-on leader. 

6202 Strategic Pricing Analyst - Pennsylvania

  • Well established Pennsylvania feed manufacturer is seeking a Strategic Pricing Analyst. This position is responsible for providing significant theoretical, applied scientific and economic value to the company by leveraging the deep connection that exists between Ingredient Pricing, Feed Formulation and Supply Chain dynamics.

5709 Commercial Sales Account Manager

  • A thriving and reputable agricultural company is seeking a Commercial Sales Account Manager to lead large scale projects in and around TN, MS, KY, AL.

3806 Custom Applicator - Central Illinois

  • A central Illinois agronomy retail company has an urgent need for a Custom Applicator. This is an extremely important role. The key attributes of this job are equipment operation, farmer contact, and playing an important part in the growing cycle as what you do may determine yield success in the field.  

5718 General Manager - Illinois

  • Rare agribusiness leadership opportunity to guide a deeply rooted Illinois agribusiness company to the next level.

6200 Plant Manager - Colorado

  • Colorado feed manufacturer is seeking a highly motivated Plant Manager for their operation. This plant is located in the Front Range of Colorado, about 100 miles from Denver. This is a very good company, with a solid reputation and strong history.

6189 Farm Assistant - Central Missouri

  • A reputable and growing family farm in central Missouri is seeking a hardworking, self-driven Farm Assistant to join their team.

We have excellent opportunities in the agronomy retail industry at locations throughout the Midwest. We need people to manage plant locations, sell seed and fertility, and do custom application. These career jobs can earn in excess of $100K. Send your resume to today.

Featured Recruiter
Chelbi Williams Alt

“What is your niche?”

That was one of the first questions Dave Allen asked me before I started working for AGRI-SEARCH. As a recruiter, knowing your niche is important, not just for us, but for our clients and candidates as well. You learn the industry, the businesses, and the players. You build genuine relationships and become a subject matter expert.

So, what was my niche? What is it I am passionate about? I answered from my heart and said “People.” I knew I could not compare to Jim or Vic as an industry expert, but I also knew that when it comes to helping people I would give it my all.

Dave must have been ok with my answer because here I am today! Dave and I partner on our searches, we utilize each other’s strengths and we balance one another well. Having a partner in this business pushes you to be better, holds you accountable, and provides the opportunity to continue to learn.

Over the last year we have placed many people in various roles and industries, we have built new relationships and strengthened long lasting relationships, and most importantly we have stayed true to our number one goal and that is doing right by others. Looking back at that first day I would not change my answer one bit, my niche is still and always will be people. 


What is Your Safety Story?

Safety…what comes to your mind when you hear that word depends on the paradigm through which you view life.  We all have an experience, a story, or a recollection about an “incident” that has impacted our life.  What is your safety story?  How did it impact you? 

On October 7, 1992, my safety story changed abruptly when on the way home from a long day of soil testing, my Ford Ranger pickup ran squarely into the rear tire of a grain trailer at a blind country intersection.  By God’s grace, my life was spared; but I can still recite the six things that if any one of them had not occurred, I would not be writing this today.  At the same time, my view of life, safety, driving in the country, and a whole lot more was changed forever.

I have friends and acquaintances who have not been so fortunate.  Sadly, most of us do.  As harvest approaches, the most dangerous time of the year around the farm and agri-business, we cannot forget the lessons we have learned regarding keeping ourselves, our co-workers, friends and families safe.

Bob Marlow, long-time grain operations professional and friend, has some poignant insights on grain bin safety to share.  Grain bins are just one of the dangers in agriculture, and each year, they claim far too many lives. Listen to his story in the following:

No More Grain Drownings


Connecting Quality People to
Quality Companies is Our Passion

Our job as professional recruiters is to identify, attract, evaluate, and help our clients land top talent for their team.   We are constantly working with quality individuals who are positioned for growth in their career and are open to or actively seeking to make a change.

If your team is seeking talent to make a positive difference in your ability to serve your customers, reach out to us and see if it is something we can assist you with.

Talented Candidates

Listed below are just a sampling of the talented candidates we have evaluated recently. If you would like to learn more about these or other candidates we have available, please contact us.
Grain Merchandisers, Originators and Traders who are diversely talented, passionate and looking for new challenges.
Experienced candidate in production agriculture, transportation, and logistics. Excellent potential in agronomy retail. North Central IL.
GM’s and CEO’s – contact us about finding the right leader capable of taking your agricultural business to the next level.
Farm background. New graduate. Looking for opportunities in agronomy retail or seed research. Prefers to live in South Central IL.
Grain Company Manager with extensive multi-location management skills seeks to locate in the greater St. Louis region

Growing our Team with
People Who Have Grit and Passion


Do have the grit to not give up and stay true to the course, no matter how difficult it may be? Are you competitive and possess a strong sales mentality where every “no” is just one step closer to a “yes”?

If so, and you have a passion for connecting with and helping people, plus a strong agricultural industry background in agronomy, grain, or other areas, please contact Dave Allen. We would enjoy having a discussion with you about how a recruiting career may be a great fit for you.


Founded in 1995, AGRI-SEARCH is a professional recruiting firm providing clients with customized recruiting solutions in various niches within the agricultural industry. Our success results from our industry focus, our specialized approach to recruiting, and our staff's lifelong roots in, dedication to, and vast understanding and knowledge of the agricultural industry.

At AGRI-SEARCH, our mission states that we “are committed to serving the agricultural industry with integrity, passion and excellence by assisting our candidates to reach their career goals and helping our client companies build successful teams.” | 217-543-2505

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